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Record Your Story

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Today is “National Write Down Your Story Day.” Everyone has a story. I remember trying to get both of my parents to write down their stories when they were in their early 80’s. Unfortunately, they didn’t and now they are gone. When it was time to write my father’s obituary, I didn’t have the details I needed and as all his brothers and sisters had already passed so there was no one to talk to. (Plus, the government was shut down so I couldn’t get any information on Dad’s military career and the battles he fought in during the Korean War.)

All these stories are important whether providing a family history or documenting a particular time period. This was one of the reasons I wanted to write the story of women in the Silicon Valley during the 90’s. I will be sending my book out for consideration by publishers and agents which is both scary and exciting. Regardless of whether my book is picked up for publication, I have documented an important time in the history of women.

The easiest way to write your story is to purchase a journal and pen (I always have mine by my side and I’m very particular about the journal I use as well as the pen). Just start writing your thoughts and slowly you will find your journal becomes a story. You may decide to select a subject before you start journaling or let your topic evolve naturally. Whether your audience is your family or millennial women, your story is valuable. So, write it down!

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