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What Did the 2018 Election Results Mean?

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I have really struggled with the 2018 election results. We didn’t have a blue wave at a national level, but we saw a distinct pink wave which gives me cause for hope.

While the number of Republicans in the Senate increased, the Democrats flipped enough seats to take back the House and the majority of those seats were won by women.

Women tripled the number of pro-choice Democratic women governors in the country, creating a strong defense against the dangerous anti-choice Republican agenda at the state level.

In Colorado, we got our blue wave, as we elected the most progressive LGBTQ governor ever, plus Democrats won both the House and Senate (a “trifecta” in political terms). In my hometown of Arvada, we are sending the first trans woman to the state legislature. But the oil & gas industry won their fight against setbacks, and no funding was approved to fix our crumbling roads. Once again, Colorado said “no” to any basic taxes necessary to run a state this large with a variety of local economies and needs. Basic libertarianism still thrives in CO. It will be up to our new governor to show that holding power in the state leads to critical needs being met including healthcare and education while providing a bulwark against the special interest groups who are already seeking new drilling permits next to Superfund sites.

The 2020 election has already begun. It will be interesting to see who the Democrats put up against Trump. Will it be a competition between more white boys, or will a woman step up to put this misogynist in his place and stop the evangelicals from taking over the courts and ending the fight for women’s basic rights once and for all?

Cory Gardner, our sole Republican senator, will have a target on his head. He headed the Senate Republican fundraising committee, so he’s got a lot of payback coming his way. But I hope women won’t forget his vote for Kavanaugh and instead will replace him with someone who represents all Colorado voters.

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