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Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

Normally I would have written my annual wedding dress blog by now but my book writing sojourn to LA and the writing since has put me behind. I must say that the one Fashion Week I would love to go to would be the one for wedding dresses. It’s such fun to see the direction these dress trends are taking and this year are some of the most interesting changes. I used many sources for this blog, particularly The Knot.

1. Floral Prints From a wedding dress standpoint, I see this as the biggest trend in dresses and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts. I think a lot of first time brides may avoid this trend but for second time brides, this provides the option of having a beautiful flowery dress with an interesting headpiece. What’s also fun about this trend is that the florals don’t just have to be in the print. They can be subtle and pastel or edgy and oversized or in the form of textural, 3-D embroideries added onto the fabric. This whimsical design works with any wedding dress silhouette.

2. Ball Gown While I can’t say exactly how this silhouette became so popular, but it may be due to the desire for a traditional bridal look. This style can be surprisingly versatile and works with most sizes and body types. Slight, petite brides should look for a version that can be cut down or select a fabric which isn’t too stiff. I recommend this style for first time brides.

3. Ruffles Nothing screams “girly” more than ruffles but then what is more girly than a wedding dress? Ruffles have been on the runway for several seasons and they can be simple and just on the bottom portion of a mermaid gown or all over the dress. This look is totally dependent of the bride’s style and works for first- or second-time brides.

4. Sheer

This is a trend that’s all over the runway and not just for bridal dresses. Tulle and organza are such traditional bridal fabrics that their return seems just right. Personally, I’ve seen some styles that I consider inappropriate for a bridal dress but there are designs that are wonderful particularly when the sheer fabric is used for sleeves, necklines and bottom portions of the dress.

I would caution any bride to be careful about how she uses this trend in the skirt portion of the dress. A ballroom style gown requires lots of fabric and if a bride chooses a sheer fabric, it will require many layers to get to the appropriate design which can drive the price up. Have fun with this trend no matter which wedding number you are celebrating.

5. Puffy Sleeves The sleeve has been a design focal point for several seasons and comes in many options. One of my favorites it the detachable sleeve. Margot Robbie wore a Chanel version of this style to the Oscars and it was fabulous. This look works for first- and second-time brides and can be used beautifully with a floral print.

6. Jumpsuits This is definitely a kicky trend that can be used many different ways. While generally I don’t like the idea of two dresses at weddings, if you are set on this then the jumpsuit makes a great second outfit. One of trends from the 90’s was having a long, full skirt tied around a sheath gown. Today the idea is to tie the skirt around pants. Not surprisingly this works for both first- and second-time brides.

7. Short My favorite of all the trends is the short dress. One great way to wear this trend is the white suit. I loved when Carrie Bradshaw wore a vintage one when she married Mr. Big. I wanted to wear a short dress for my wedding, but it just wasn’t done in the 80’s. This is a great way to dress particularly for a daytime or second wedding.

8. Tiered Tiering and tulle continues to be a strong trend. I love it but this must be approached carefully as this style isn’t for everyone. Tiering can add weight so make certain it’s done in the most flattering look for a bride. I’ve seen it done on a mermaid style dress and loved it. Don’t be afraid to discuss this look with your wedding stylist as it works for first- or second-time brides. I suggest having some fun with color and length if this is a second wedding.

9. Sparkles I just love this trend and it works for every woman and can be done with almost every wedding dress style. It can also work any time of day as long as you watch the amount of sparkle in the fabric. The one caution is to make certain the dress doesn’t look too much like a prom dress. First- or second-time brides can enjoy this trend.

10. Capes I can’t say that capes are the top new trend, but they are staying around. The cape can be built into the dress or used as a separate piece. If the cape is built in, then I suggest keeping the style very clean. If it’s separate, then you can add the sparkles. There are some wonderful designers offering wedding capes that can become an heirloom item. And, naturally this style works for first- or second-time brides.