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Tom Ford: A Designer FOR Strong Women

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I first discovered Tom Ford when he started his own label in 2006. Even though we graduated from high school the same year, our careers took different creative paths. When he was named the Creative Director of Gucci (and later Yves Saint Laurent), I was running advertising for Symantec and wearing the gender-neutral uniform of khakis and a polo shirt. I wasn’t following high fashion as I was absorbed in high tech.

When he launched his own line, Ford stood out as he was designing for “strong women, … intelligent women who know their own style” as reported by CNBC International. And the woman who were wearing his clothes, such as First Lady Michelle Obama, truly represented that brand statement. But while his clothes were out of my price point, when he directed A Single Man, which premiered in 2009, Ford brought his style to everyone. Colin Firth was perfectly cast as the leading man role and to this day I would love to live in the house Julianne Moore occupied in the film.

The breadth of Ford’s creativity makes him accessible to any woman. That’s why I was so excited to meet my LinkedIn friend Gina Morrell who is a stylist at the Rodeo Drive store. This was one of my last stops on my LA trip and it was a beautiful ending. Gina specializes in men’s clothing at Tom Ford. The men's formal wear jackets in velvet and jacquard were exquisite. One could only imagine styling an A-list celebrity for a red carpet event. The casual wear was equally fabulous, particularly the white western-style leather jacket that could go practically anywhere. After selecting our purchase (I can’t say exactly what as it’s a surprise), we strolled through the women’s department for which there are no adequate words. Madeline and I looked through the caped and liquid sequined gowns deciding that the embroidered leopard-silk fringe was our favorite.

We will be watching to seeing who wears Tom Ford during awards season.

Once our package was wrapped it was time to say goodbye to Gina. She had made our Tom Ford experience memorable and I look forward to seeing her on my next trip to LA and perhaps adding a little Tom Ford to my closet.