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The Power of the Universe VS. Tinder

Happy New Year!

I was thinking the other morning about how I met my husband and how my daughter has met the love of her life. Interestingly it was the exact same way. I met David on the steps of our apartment building in Denver and my daughter met her boyfriend on the steps of her apartment building in Santa Monica. And these meetings occurred within six months of moving in.

In today’s dating/hook-up app-driven world we have Tinder, Match, Farmers Only, etc. yet I have met few people who have found true love that way. Now I am not using any statistics here, but I remain adamant the that universe has someone out there just for us and all this technology is just interfering with the universe lines of communication.

Now I know that a lot of very busy management/executive level people feel they don’t have time to meet people the old fashioned way, but I say that’s hogwash. Being a tarot card reader, the number one question women ask is about relationships (health issues being way down at number two and family a distant third). After I finish the card reading, I always ending up counseling them about finding a universe-generated relationship in the same way I do in my Bear Power of Love class. It’s all about getting outside and doing group related activities. Increasing your contact base of singles will lead to people introducing you to other people who typically have similar values and goals and gets beyond just looks/animal mating instincts that Tinder fulfills.

I always tell me friends who are looking for love to get outside. You never meet anyone sitting inside your apartment. But you might just meet your true love sitting on your front step.

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