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The Healing Color of White

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

When I was at the peak of my illnesses, I was desperate for anything that would make me feel better. At that time my body was covered in sores. I am quite particular about how I look, so the sores were both painful and embarrassing. To help remove the toxins, I was pouring diluted Clorox over my body while in the shower and then rinsing in hot water. As most women know, Clorox can take the color out of anything it touches so I started buying cheap white towels to dry myself off. Even then, I had problems with the bleach rubbing off on things and because I often bled at night, I took to showering in the evening and then putting on a white nightgown.

This comforted me, and I wondered why.  To me, white has always meant purity and virginity – a negative connotation. It reminded me of my childhood and my father’s dinnertime rants about the importance of remaining a virgin. And, as my complexion is fair, white was a color I stayed away from as I felt it just washed me out.

In doing a bit of research I found that white also means safety and represents a successful beginning. Over time while the Clorox bathing didn’t work, the white nightgowns seemed to be helpful. I still wear them to this day and I am obviously better and off to a new beginning.

In my training as a stylist, I discovered that white looks good on me. It makes my skin have more color not less (cream is not a good color, so I only wear it when I have a “fake” tan). So even though I am “La Femme Rose,” rather than “La Femme Blanc,” I advocate that you have some white in your wardrobe, particularly white shirts. Fashion designer Carolina Herrera says, “When I don’t know what to wear I chose a white shirt - you can wear them with anything.”

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