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Stop Punishing Yourself About Your Weight!

As a professional stylist, I reach out to my clients at the beginning of every season to discuss new trends and new additions or changes they might need to their wardrobe. And there is always at least one woman who says that she can’t look at new clothes because she has gained weight.

I always find that puzzling for two reasons. First, are you planning to go naked until you loose weight? And more importantly, why are you punishing yourself?

This has nothing to do with the sales portion of my profession. I am more concerned about the joy these women are deleting from their lives. I absolutely love seeing the expression of happiness when a client finds the perfect outfit. I know that every time she wears that outfit, she will feel great about herself. So why do women feel they deserve punishment if they gain weight.

Every woman, especially over the age of 40 will deal with weight fluctuations whether due to menopause, a new illness or a change of life. Since I became ill, my weight has fluctuated more than 25 pounds. I keep a close eye on it primarily because I became pre-diabetic.

I have different outfits for different sizes. I have a version of my favorite black pants in at least two different sizes. I know how to dress based on weight gains because it occurs in the same place (I always carry extra weight in the front and middle). I also know that my weight changes don’t affect jacket sizes, so I can add or update those pieces as my wardrobe needs.

If you are worried about your weight and how your clothes will look, talk to a professional stylist. She’ll help you through the process and show you how to best camouflage a weight gain.

And remember to never punish yourself for a change in your size. Always look in the mirror and love yourself for exactly who you are.

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