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Report From NYC: Fall Trends

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

The best way I know for learning about the new trends of the season is to walk down 5th Avenue in NYC, look at the people and the window dressings. There are some significant trends emerging this fall. The first is red, particularly in shoes. The 80’s are everywhere and there is nothing link seeing a Nancy Reagan red suit to drive the point home. Though rather than skirts, the red is in pants suits probably in salute to the Pants Suit Nation. If you want to make a simple addition, opt for a belt and put it with the next big trend – menswear. Pinstripes and glen plaid are everywhere. I just picked up a great pinstripe jumpsuit that I will have tons of fun with.

My next favorite trend is the prairie look and no one is doing it better than Coach. Make certain you look at how they are putting together this trend in clothes and boots. I saw a black and denim dress while visiting The Coach House and it will work anywhere for anyone. Other designers are picking up this trend in patchwork jackets. For all you quilters out there, you can have a ton of fun making a crazy quilt or timeless Shoo Fly jacket. Another look from the 80’s is head-to-toe black leather (very punk) and wide shoulder jackets. I still have several great pieces which I pulled out for my daughter to try on. Neon also is back and the fanny pack but worn as a shoulder bag. Denim is being shown with brown stitching complemented with brown suede which makes a great all-around look. If you have an evening event or a wedding in the near future, then remember it’s all about tulle. Tulle is being shown in all kinds of ways – with lace, brocade and all by itself. Again, those of you who can sew will have lots of fun putting together a great New Year’s Eve outfit.

In addition to the red in shoes, you will see lots of white short boots with either a block heel or in a western style. While this is a great look if you head this way make certain you pick a finish that is both easy to wipe off and holds up well against tearing or scuffing because these shoes will show everything.

In addition to black leather and quilt-inspired jackets you will see lots of fake fur (think Dynasty). I tried on a beautiful pale blue casual coat from Carlisle that had the most beautiful blue fur collar. Absolutely to die for! But I will probably be opting for one of the navy coats this season particularly in the traditional pea coat style that’s part of the preppy look.

Welcome to Fall 2018 where there is something for everyone.

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