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Prettiest Summer Sleeves

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I hope all of you had a lovely 4th of July. I spent the week working on the book and this week will be short too because I am heading to Santa Fe for the Opera. If you haven’t done this put it on your bucket list. Today, I thought to answer a timely question I received from a reader. I love getting them so please keep emailing or using the comment/question section on the blog page. This reader writes:

Dear La Femme Rose,

I have always been self-conscious of my upper arms, but these days, it's so hot out, that I feel I have to wear sleeveless clothing even though I don’t like how it looks. Is there something you can recommend that will allows a woman to keep cool while feeling confident?

Thanks, Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

There are several ways to solve your problem. First, every woman, no matter her age, has a part of her upper arm that looks good. The key is to find that sweet spot. Play with different sleeve lengths, styles and fabrics. I always find that a ¾ sleeve looks good on everyone.

If that doesn’t cool you off enough, try a flutter sleeve or an eyelet blouse with a loose sleeve that ends at your sweet spot. That’s my summer fabric because the openings let cooling air move through. I have a long-sleeve black eyelet blouse and its’ never too hot to wear. I also have a cute white one I wear all the time. Try to keep sleeve length as close to either your sweet spot or the elbow as is comfortable. You may need to engage an alterationist to get the length just right. It won’t cost much. And you may want to spend an hour with a professional stylist to find the sweet spot and a selection of blouses that enhance your arms.

The most important thing to remember it no one is looking at your arms except perhaps the catty pair in your women’s group. You are a beautiful person and will look lovely in anything you wear, particularly when you put on something nice. We must wake up each morning and remember to tell ourselves we are loved. Every woman is naturally beautiful. We are just making enhancements.

Until next time,

La Femme Rose

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