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Mother’s Day Without a Mother

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

My mom passed away in October of 2017, so this is not my first Mother’s Day without her. But, perhaps, because my father died in January, it is the first Mother’s Day where I truly feel alone. I had a loving relationship with my mother and at times in my life she was my best friend. I always tried to make holiday’s like this extra special for her and I know how much she looked forward to them. But, as she died of Alzheimer’s, I could not enjoy her last few Mother’s Days which makes this one particularly hard. I now understand how other women must feel when their mothers are no longer around to hold and celebrate this special day.

As Sunday draws closer, I am experiencing a unique sense of emptiness. I can actually feel the hole that is in my heart. I can visualize putting my finger in my heart in the place she lived and feeling nothing – just an empty space.

As a person with psychic abilities, I can reach my mother on the other side which has been the greatest comfort (Please don’t contact me to help you reach your as I am not a medium and thus cannot help but am happy to refer you to honest people who can.). I recently went on a fabulous shopping trip with the money she left me (Watch for the blogs on this adventure!). I felt her with me in every store we visited and item I tried on. I think she had almost as much fun as I did. But as I draw closer to Sunday my sadness grows as life is not the same when you cannot make physical contact with the mother you love.

So, this year. I am sending out love bombs to all those women whose mother’s have gone on to the next plane. I hope you have someone to give you a hug and tell you how special you are, just as your mother would do.

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