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Lovin' Natural Hair

God and our genes grant each of us different specialties. My daughter has an incredible figure, my husband the ability to ski to the highest level I have seen for a person who doesn’t compete. For me, it’s my hair. Everyone notices it. It grows very fast, is thick and wavy and originally a beautiful auburn color. I have long heard people complain about their hair, like my daughter who inherited very fine hair that grows slowly.

Women talk a lot about their hair and spend a lot on it too, particularly these days when you have the ability to change it with extensions or the Brazilian Blowouts I love as it allows me to have super straight hair which gives me a different look.

I must admit that I have always been curious about black women’s hair and now that we have shows like “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” I have a unique view into the world of weaves and wigs though there is so much I still don’t know and would love to learn.

While reading the Saturday paper on my flight to LA I came across a shocking article about a woman of color being discriminated at work because of her hair. She was told she could not wear it natural (in an afro I assume) and should have it ironed for work.

Growing up in the 70’s and attending an integrated school, I was used to women with their afro’s. I thought they were beautiful and looked so stunning with 70’s clothing, particularly the disco styles with big round earrings (currently very in vogue).

Now Rep. Leslie Hood of Denver, Rep. Janet Buckner of Aurora and Sen. Rhonda Fields also of Aurora are working to pass a bill in the Colorado legislator to protect people from discrimination for their natural hair. I can only imagine the conservatives whining about another law and the “nanny” state. We have to remember that we wouldn’t be forced to have all this specialized legislation if people were more accepting of everyone’s differences.

I’m not certain if Rosemarie Allen, the woman discriminated against will read this blog but I say let your fro fly and if you need me to contact my representative and senator regarding your bill, please send a message.

And to her female supervisor at the Colorado Department of Youth Corrections, shame on you!

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