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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Following the completion of my remarks at last week’s Spring Fashion Seminar, I had some great questions that anyone might have asked, so I thought today’s blog would be a good place to answer these questions as you may have the same ones.

“What is the current length for a dress or skirt. It seems there are all different lengths and particularly short."

I’m not sure that we have the exact date that dress length so longer matters but I think the BoHo look really killed it off. Twenty-somethings love wearing BoHo maxi dresses, rompers and short shorts as evidenced in Denise Richards latest wedding gown to show off beautiful long legs. I did a search on Nordstrom’s site as it’s one of the best for finding clothing online and I found you could select sleeve length but not dress length, just dress style. As I really like Fit & Flare, I chose that to see what would come up on that search. There were dresses above and below the knee. My recommendation is to spend some time with you alterationist and stylist discussing the dress style that best fits your body type and to determine the optimum skirt length for you so you can check if a dress you like comes at the right length.

Curetê Serfina Italian Cotton Dress

"Why don’t designers makes dresses with sleeves in the summer? My arms are a bit heavier that I like."

We all have fit points that we want to conceal. Designers generally have two reason for the sleeve length they choose for clothing.

First, it’s cheaper to make a sleeveless and they can still charge you the same amount.

Secondly, the style of dress might look better based on a certain length so that is a pure design decision and the designer assumes you have a wrap you can wear with your dress.

This is another place where a stylist can help you out. Just let her know that you are looking for a certain type of dress and they will find a few for you to choose from.

I would love to answer more questions from you so send them to me and I will either answer it in the blog or privately.

P.S. Contact Barbara Feeney if you would like to see the Curetê Spring Collection.

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