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Learn The Latest in Décor Trends

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I have recently started watching “Best Room Wins” on Bravo and am already addicted. I just did a refresher on my home this year based on the list my interior designer built when we bought our home. I tend to have my own interior design style but after watching this show, which is a great educator about basic design styles, I went up to Elle Décor’s site and found this article on what’s in/what’s out.

I am including a link to the entire article, here.

I wanted to highlight some of what’s in/what’s out that I found most interesting. For instance, out are gendered rooms. No longer should we have blue for the boys and pink for the girls at least at the beginning. I know from experience that girls will eventually want that girly-girl room, but we can broaden their thinking from the get-go with gender neutral design.

The next “in” is the Memphis Design. "The Memphis movement is overtaking midcentury modern as the furnishing and color selection du jour. Primary colors and graphic shapes haven’t seen this much action since the eighties. Also, in our space planning we are turning away from straight, rigid furniture lines and choosing enveloping tub chairs and Vladimir Kagan-sequel curved sofas,” said Carolyn Pressly of Carolyn Pressly Interiors.

In is sustainability. This is important to me because I don’t like all the furniture being thrown into our landfills. We need to change our thinking about furniture buying. I still have almost all the furniture I have bought since I was married 30 years ago. I have reupholstered sofas and chairs and have remade my original bedroom bedspread and window treatments three times. We need to stop being so disposable.

Another in is maximalist art. According to “The dominance of minimalism and Scandinavian design, which is characterized by neutral colors and simple materials, is finally declining. In its place, bright colors and graphic patterns are becoming more prevalent in the home,” said Sandra Chandler of Art.com Not surprising, minimalist art is out.

Another in is floral fabrics and wallpaper. I love this trend and wish I could play with it. My first home in San Francisco allowed me to wallpaper and play with big florals in the living room. It was so much fun and I’m glad this trend has come back. Enjoy it!

Read the rest of the article to learn more about what’s in and what’s out in interior design. This can make a big difference as you want your home as up to date as possible to get the highest valuation.

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