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Time to Narrow Down the Democratic Candidates

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I watched both debates this week and what was clear is that it is time to reduce the number and start talking about the big stuff. I am referring to how to beat Trump and get rid of Mitch McConnell. Fundamentally it will do us no good to get rid of Trump and have McConnell still blocking the Senate and stuffing the courts. This is a must do.

As far as candidates go, I agree with Elizabeth Warren. We need someone with big ideas. Without it the changes made won’t make a big enough difference. The problems we need to address are too big for small ideas. What are those issues? We need to address the climate and all its ramifications. We need to implement a climate economic plan that creates jobs for the people who are and will be affected by the changing world. We need to protect women’s right’s and ensure equal pay and equal access to the C-suite and board of directors. We need to get rid of the Electoral College so that the people who the majority vote for actually walk into the Oval office. Those are my big three. I would probably add health care and that is where we need to go big or go home. Health care should not be a for profit industry. It’s that simple. Yes, we need to deal with immigration, we need to offer some level of free higher education and we need to fix our criminal system. But those are secondary.

I feel that what we have seen are candidates that are presidential and candidates that would make great vice presidents and cabinet heads. That puts the Democrats in a great position. But as Michael Moore said, we can’t just beat Trump, we need to annihilate him. Oh, and impeach him as well so everyone knows we won’t tolerate that kind of person as president of our country.

So, let’s get down to the real players. I am looking forward to the debate where Elizabeth Warren goes head to head with Biden. Yeah, Trump is trying out his nicknames for both, but these are fighters and that is what we need at the top of the ticket

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