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I'm A Grandfurmother!

I’m proud to introduce you to my new grandfurbabies: the tabby is Isaac and the black boy is Panther. They are 6 months old and the best of friends. My daughter adopted them from Cat Café Lounge on Sepulveda in Los Angeles. Their mission is to increase the number of adoptions and reduce euthanizations.

Cat Café Lounge is the first nonprofit café in Los Angeles to serve coffee, tea and snacks in a relaxing environment while you socialize with adoptable cats. Why is this important? According to Cat Café, cats are private and territorial animals by nature and most shelters move cats to and from adoption sites requiring you to get to know your kitty through the bars of a cage which doesn’t allow the animal to show their personality.

I had never heard of a cat café. The idea came from the founder who visited a cat café in Japan and recognized the value of providing cats with a space where they can exist without fear while waiting to be adopted.

One of the things I learned from my daughter is a cat’s need to socialize and their need to have a buddy. I always thought of cats as loners but that’s not true so at Cat Café you need to adopt the two cats who have bonded together. The Café also spent time with my daughter understanding her lifestyle so they could fit her with the right pair. Being a cat lover since childhood I thought I knew just about everything about cats, but I learned a lot from the Cat Café.

So, if you live in Los Angeles and a ready to make a home for a loving pair of kitties, please visit the Cat Café Lounge. There are other such cafés around the country as this trend is growing so search for one in your area.

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