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Keeping an Eye on Pete Buttigeig

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

My husband has been talking about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg for a few weeks now. I wasn’t paying much attention as I am closely following the women who have declared for the Democratic nomination. But last night Mayor Pete was being interviewed by Rachel Maddow and I decided to watch. I’m glad I did.

The first thing I noticed about Mayor Pete was his white shirt, short haircut and big, friendly smile. As he began speaking, I closed my eyes and heard the cadence of a Midwesterner that almost sounded like a small town Baptist preacher (thank God he isn’t’). But that sound was very calm and reassuring after the strident tones we’ve been hearing since Trump came on the scene.

I listened to what Mayor Pete has to say about the issues and was pleased to learn that he sees health care and climate change as must dos. But he has bigger ideas based on his experience in government, business and the military. He talked about the need for everyone to serve their country in some way, an idea I am strongly in favor of. He also talked about how his military experience showed him the importance of being around people who come from different backgrounds and thought differently but had to work together to achieve an objective and keep everyone alive.

Rachel asked Mayor Pete why it took him so long to come out as gay and he discussed the difficulty he had understanding that side of himself and how the people of South Bend supported him when he made this personal information public. While I’m straight and will never have this experience, I stood by a best friend who came out when we were in college and saw his pain when people deserted him.

I like Mayor Pete. He’s truly intelligent which comes through clearly in his thoughtful responses. He has spent time developing a strategy around his campaign. As a marketing strategist I could immediately tell he had spent time on his positioning and messaging. (he worked at McKinsey). His value proposition centers around the word freedom. Go visit his website. The design is fresh yet old fashioned. The copy is smart and lays out his vision, his difference from the other candidates and particularly from Trump.

We still need to learn more about Mayor Pete and how he plans to accomplish the task of fixing the problems we had before Trump took office and the many more we have since the ill-informed helped hand him the White House. I particularly look forward to seeing how he handles himself in the debates.

I plan to keep an eye on Pete.

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