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Heart Of My Heart

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I always enjoy having my nails done or getting a facial not only for what it does for my skin but for the lovely compliments I get. I am fortunate to have inherited my grandmother Louise Stewart Ward’s skin. When she died, she still had almost no wrinkles on her fair complexion complemented by her snowy white hair. And her hands were so very soft. I just loved to hold them.

I didn’t get to know Grandma Ward well until near the time of her death, but she gave me such good advice. For example, I asked her about the importance of virginity (growing up in a Christian conservative household, this topic was a normal part of dinner conversation and something I was required to keep until marriage). I couldn’t quite understand why it was a big deal and I felt grandma would be honest with me. I know it was a difficult question for her to answer but she finally said, “Well Karla, you don’t buy a shoe until you try it on.” I thought this was excellent advice.

Unfortunately, my beautiful grandmother had significant heart problems and had many heart attacks. Because of this ailment, she passed on when she was 80 years old and I was 17. But I could never forget her, and I want to remind everyone out there that February is National Heart Month. We all need to take good care of our heart through proper exercise and diet. I’m lucky that even though I inherited almost every family medical problem I have a strong heart along with lovely skin.

Thank you, Grandma.