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Ghosts in the Closet

I read an interesting article in my daily New York Times posting about people reporting they are being quarantined with ghosts. I had to laugh as one of my professions is clearing houses from discarnates (the technical term for ghosts among those of us who work with them). So, can people be feeling more ghostly energy currently? Absolutely. When we are in a heightened state of emotions such as we are right now, we pick up these discarnates as they feed on our energy, particularly our dark and negative feelings.

Sadly, there have been many deaths in the last few months, and many have been lonely ones. Often parts of our soul will break apart and not go altogether to the higher plane. These pieces tend to attach to bodies because they are seeking warmth and light.

So, what to do about this? Do an online search in your area for people who do house clearings. Most people who are shamanic practitioners such as me are trained in removing discarnates from people and any other entities like poltergeists from houses. You might also find that the clearing makes you feel better and gives you more energy.

You might also ask the shaman to take you on a soul journey because lives are changing right now and it may be helpful to see if you are still on the right path.

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