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Find a Fab Winter Fashion Deal!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

January is a great month for shopping. Everything goes on sale, so I always make certain that I have set aside cash for a good splurge. You can get great deals on bedding, furniture or if you are a fashionista like me, winter clothes.

There are certain items that I tend to focus on with my January fashion spending. The first is coats. This year I am looking at casual coats that are either fully Sherpa or with a Sherpa accent. Fully Sherpa can be difficult because the coats are often boxy. Puffy coats continue to be on trend, but I have a fabulous Montcler that I continue to wear. (Memorial Day is another great time to shop clearance and you can typically get 50% off or more so focus on getting a good designer piece.)

I have a nephew that just got engaged and is planning a winter wedding next January, so I got a fabulous long teal dress from Neiman Marcus that was 70% off.

Curetê a new clothing line I have written about it having a unique offering. As part of its inaugural launch, the company wants to empower women to pay it forward. With a purchase of $350 or more, clients will receive a 30% discount to donate to a favorite charity, organization or to help achieve a New Year’s resolution. The use of the discount is the client’s choice.

So, grab a girlfriend and head out to find a great winter deal!

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