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It's About Time: Fast Fashion Is Finally Dying

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Despite the strong retail numbers that chains like Target and Kohl’s are showing, there is a clear movement away from “fast fashion.” The low quality/low price clothing typically found at stores like H&M and Forever 21 are finally going away. We are beginning to see an uptick in “higher quality clothing from small manufacturer’s that are using technology and skill to bring down costs and targeting customers who are willing to pay a little more for clothes that aren’t churned out by the thousands half a world away,” writes Danica Kirka of The Associate Press.

“The rise of small clothing makers reflects a broader shift in consumer preferences away from big brands similar to the boom in craft beers,” continues Kirka. One reason for this trend is the ability to gather customer data which allows clothing manufacturers to create more customized clothing specific to a person’s shape. But as important is the consumers desire for better quality clothing that doesn’t fall apart after a few trips to the washing machine.

This is not to say that they aren’t quality clothing at a lower price point on the market today. I regularly shop Ralph Lauren either at the outlets or larger chain stores. I have found this brand to have consistent sizing and better quality fabrics. And my friends who are willing to spend the time looking through the racks at off-price department stores like Ross and TJ Max often find some real gems, particularly if they shop on the days new merchandise arrives (a girlfriend and I still marvel over the day we both came across a group of St. John clothing that had just arrived. A true bargain hunter’s dream.)

“Investment clothing” has long been used to describe a certain level of clothing but many consumers just couldn’t justify the price. Now, with so much change in the retail sector, people are starting to look for fashion from a company that delivers a quality product manufactured in the U.S offering strong customer service at an affordable price point. I will write more about specific companies to consider in future posts.

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