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Experiencing in LA

When I was making out my list of Christmas presents, I asked my daughter what I could get her boyfriend who was spending the holiday with us. She said he would like an “experience.” I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. It took her several explanations for me to get it.

Millennials love having “experiences” where they travel or spend a day doing a new or unusual activity. I ended up purchasing her boyfriend an Airbnb gift card which I had no idea existed. He loved it and immediately started thinking about a trip they could take. I was so happy I could give him something special and memorable.

Following that example, I have embarked on my first experience – spending three weeks in LA with the goal of finishing a complete draft of my book and finding a literary agent to help get it published. Now, I didn’t need to go to LA to accomplish these tasks, but I did need a place where I wouldn’t be interrupted, a common requirement for writers. I also have the goal of finding a place where I can stay in the winter and feel better (my list of medical conditions explodes during the cold Colorado winters). In particular, I am looking for a place where my Sjogren’s conditions decrease which means I need a place more humid. And LA had the added benefit of being the city where my daughter lives.

So here I am bundled up in a studio on the boundary of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills (my daughter warned me that LA was not warm in the winter). But I have everything I need and am excited to see what this LA experience will bring to my life.

I will be documenting this trip so look for updates on this blog, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. And let me know if you have any experiences planned. 2020 is the year to step away from the news and into the world so we can better understand the changes that we all need to make.

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