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Executive qualifications for a president

A friend and I were talking politics over dinner and he commented that we needed a business executive as president. When I asked why, he stated that how could a person that only understands policy know how to manage a large department. Few, if any, executives have experience managing a department as large as the government of the United States or even any of the critical cabinets such as State. That is why graft often occurs. People are appointed based on relationships rather than qualifications and they become kids in a candy shop and start ordering $31,000 worth of new office furniture like Ben Carson.

People who are dedicated to government service understand that their job is to manage the status quo or, more importantly, implement a radical new idea such as healthcare for all citizens or reproductive rights for women.

I found it interesting that the New York Times endorsed two female candidates. One who is very progressive and one that I term “Obama 2.0.” The paper’s reasoning is that Americans should decide whether they want big change or smaller ones which will basically be changing back everything that Trump changed that Obama did that Trump hates.

I believe that both women are fully qualified to be president and still more qualified then the current president that’s under impeachment. Trump actually demonstrates that problem with executives at the top of the country. Now Trump is far beyond what someone like Bloomberg who’s proven (I believe) that he won’t use the job to enrich himself and his family and be so pro-business that he endangers the life and livelihood and all Americans. But I still believe that Trump proves the problems with executives. We need big thinkers that can make changes that benefit everyone and protect the planet. There are plenty of experienced people ready to run the different departments, regardless of their size. What’s more important is having a leader that, again, has a big idea for what a department should do. We know that Trump doesn’t have a plan for State, so Pompeo just runs around doing the project of the week like getting dirt on the Biden’s.

With this election, let’s spend more time understanding what a president should do, what their qualifications should be and what their big ideas are and how they will implement them. Certainly, we can be concerned about single issues such as gun control but that shouldn’t be our only deciding factor.

And for goodness sake, get out and do your homework. You have the Internet so you can do your own research. Just look for qualified sites and get outside your zone. We don’t have to make important decisions based on what one pundit says on one cable TV or website. Let’s be smarter this time.

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