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Lackluster Grammy 2019 Fashion Awards

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I was really surprised by the Grammy’s fashion this year as I thought it was mostly boring or repetitive. In past years the Grammy looks have been very avant garde and while I might not like them or wear them, I had to admire the innovation. But this year there just wasn’t much to get excited about.

With that overview let’s talk about trends. Once again silver was the color of the evening. Gaga wore it (though in a rather boring dress) as did Dua Lipa and Ashlee Simpson in a jumpsuit who added the other trend which is feathers. This was really picked up by Jada Pinkett Smith.

There was also some pink and fluffy as shown by Anna Kendrick and Katy Perry. Lastly was the fan detail. Kacey Musgraves wore it, but it was too low on her chest which ruined an otherwise beautiful dress. Now let’s get onto the awards.

Best Dressed Woman: Bebe Rexha

I know a lot of fashionistas won't agree with me but I loved the red, the puffs of tulle, the jewelry and the hair. Can you believe no one wanted to dress her due to her body shape? For shame.

Runner Up: Janelle Monae in Jean Paul Gaultier

Something was wrong with the dimension of the fascinating hat which was a look unto itself, but the dress was great. Probably shouldn’t have put them together but Janelle does like a hat.

Most Innovative: Cardi B in Archival Muglar

Though I don’t think she needed the pearl on her belly button or the rose or the gloves (a bit much on the accessories) it was the talk of the show.

Worst Dressed Woman: Kylie Jenner

Not sure how one even got into that top and why was it attached to gloves. And why the belt? Just an overall miss

Worst Dressed Woman Runner Up: Maren Morris

What was with the oversize yellow flower on a purple floral dress that needed some serious hemming.

Best Dressed Man: Pusha T

What a great Thom Brown jacket.

Runner Up: Miguel

Rocked the white jacket trend but with crystals on the lapels which is perfect for the Grammys and added the white flower. Perfection.

Worst Dressed Man: Ben Harper

Just to too much.

Next up is the Oscars. I can't wait!

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