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Create High Fashion with Frames

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I decided it would be fun to finish out the week writing abut fashion as that always brings me joy. I recently read an article about trends in eye wear and as I have four eyes, naturally I found this interesting.

It’s important to have a good eye glass stylist. Mine happens to be wonderful. She carries the latest trends in eyewear but more importantly, she understands fit. I pulled down a good article from David Kind Eyewear, an online glasses company and the selected the most relevant content from what it said.

Let’s start with overall frame size. ”The best fit will “frame” your face. Pay attention to how the overall frame width works with the width of your face. The end piece should match with the widest part of your face at your temples. This fit feature is more important than the size of the lens.”

The next critical factor is eye position. “This is important not only for how your frame looks on you, but how your Rx works in the frame. Horizontally, each eye should be centered in the lens up to 5mm inside of lens center–never outside of center. Vertically, if you imagine the lens in four equal sections, your eyes should be in the 25% segment just above center-never below center and never in the top 25%.

Comfort is key and trying on the frame is essential. Whether acetate pads that are integrated into the frame, or pads attached by metal pad arms, the nose pads should rest comfortably on the sides. The frame shouldn’t rest on your cheeks nor should the top of the frame bridge only rest on the top of your nose. This balanced fit ensures the frame fits comfortably and helps it to stay in place.”

Now as a fashionista, I am all about the style and shape of the frame. I find this is where people make the biggest mistake. The typical rule of thumb is that “round frames are better for square faces and vice versa, but this is an unhelpful oversimplification. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Sometimes the size of a frame is much more important than the shape. For example, if you have a round face a small round frame may look great, but a large round frame doesn’t work.”

The last point is your prescription Any eyeglass wearer knows that a thicker frame is typically required for people with poorer eyesight particularly if you wear progressive and/or bifocal lenses.

I am not a fan of purchasing glasses online. It’s not like contact lenses for the reasons outlined above. David Kind will send you six frames for $20 which is applied to purchase. However, they recommend that you take the glasses to your optician to see which fits best and works with your RX. While I think this is a better process than Warby Parker a company that focuses on price. Either way, I still think it’s better to find a good optical store with a great range of frames and talented stylist/technicians.

This blog is getting a bit long so let’s get to the trends in eyeglasses that I have curated to my top ten (not in priority because eyeglasses are always personal).

1. Understated Clear Transparent Framed Glasses This is one of the biggest trends and I really like it, but it doesn’t look good on everyone.

2. Millennial Dusted Pink Glasses Millennial pink is everywhere and it’s unisex. Determine who you’ll wear it.

3. Leopard Print Glasses Great for someone who enjoys making a statement with eyewear.

4. Vintage Nude Frames: Light Brown, Beige & Caramel Glasses This is the perfect choice for someone who can’t wear clear frames. I took my husband frame shopping this week and this color looked great with his greying hair.

5. 70’s-80’s Oversized Square Eyeglasses I wore this look in the 80’s (I tried to find a photo of me but no luck). It’s fun but it can cover your face so it’s best for someone who has a broader face.

6. Sporty Aviator Glasses This is my favorite right now and I’ve selected it for my next pair. A nice change and what I wore in the 70’s.

7. Circle Round Glasses These are the biggest trend and look good on a lot of people. However, you may look like a lot of people in the room.

8. Vintage Cat-Eye Glasses

This came from the mini sunglasses the young fashionistas have been wearing. Not my favorite.

9. Dapper Semi-Rimless Glasses I really like this look and it’s very unisex.

10. Wooden Effect Eyeglasses Great for guys.

Happy shopping!