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Create a Spring Look with Curetê

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Wow I didn’t mean to take off all of last week from writing the blog, but I was working on my new Spring Fashion seminar. The three parts of the seminar included looking into the crystal ball to see where the apparel industry is going, the basics of how to have a 90% workable, wearable and current wardrobe and the latest in spring trends. As I will be showing video clips from the seminar when they are complete, I will save much of the content until then. However, as Curetê was kind enough to sponsor the seminar, I wanted to show you one of my favorites from their spring collection.

The French Confetti Tweed Dress incorporates yarns in shades of pink, turquoise and sapphire in a traditional A-line style dress. The fabric is from the same mill that Chanel uses but fortunately not at the same price point.

You can visit the site, here.

Take a look and see if you find something you love and then send me a photo of you in it so I can post it on the site!

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