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Choose Your Partner Wisely

Today is my husband’s birthday. We’ve known each other almost 35 years. But even given that expanse of time we continue to learn new things about each other.

Like many silly women in their 20’s, I had a list in my head for the perfect husband. Good job, good looks and “great personality”(whatever that means) topped the list. But how can we know the kind of person we really need when we have no idea what lies ahead? I didn’t know that a day would come where I would be so overcome with physical and mental illnesses that I would be left disabled requiring daily assistance and financial support. I never intended to lose my independence when I married. I looked for someone that I could be an equal partner with.

David has surprised me as a partner. He’s still handsome and works hard whether at work or around the house (definitely put “handy with tools” on your list). But most importantly is the role he has accepted in helping to keep me well, taking on more than his fair share of housework and shouldering all our financial needs that go above and beyond what little disability pays. I can be a full-time job and when I get down about our life, he’s been the one to remind me “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.”

Happy Birthday David. Thanks for always reminding me that I picked wisely.

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