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A Winter Day at the Grove in LA

Today did not start out as it was supposed to. I couldn’t sleep (not uncommon) so I woke up very late (also not uncommon). Not long after I awakened there was a knock on the door and the building owner or landlord informed me, they would be working on the building and were taking off the bars on my windows. After I sent a not so happy message to my Airbnb host (who has not responded) I was forced from the studio due to the loudness of the noise.

Yesterday had been a bad day and I had to turn things around, so I went to get my nails done at a very nice place called Royal Nail. After that I decided there was one thing, I hadn’t done in LA so it was time to go to the movies. I walked to the Grove which is really a magical place particularly at night and watched a very expensive showing of Little Women.

I have seen every version of Little Women though I realize I haven’t ever actually read the book. And one really should to watch this version. I really wondered how Greta Gerwig was going to make it fresh. Begin by not having the movie flow just as the book. The way she went back and forth was masterful. Everyone who loves film and who aspires to work in it must see this movie. There was nothing I would have changed. I have watch Saoirse Ronan’s career and she was a perfect Jo. Emma Watson made Meg much more interesting than she’s ever been and Florence Pugh has received her academy award nomination for the best Amy ever. Timothée Chalamet was magical as usual.

So now I am back in my little studio writing this blog as the evening gets late. Tomorrow I will be back at the Grove for lunch which is fine with me and then I will visit Real Real which I can’t wait for (hope my wallet will open).

I made lemonade out of lemons and the only thing is that I did not get any writing done and I have not finished the book. I am going to have to work hard to meet my deadline. But it was still a lovely winter day in LA.

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