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A Perfect Day in LA

I have not blogged as much as I planned because I have been rather busy finishing the book and all the supporting documents necessary to hopefully secure an agent for my first book.

Today I needed to do some research on book categories and thought I would go to library. Naturally, I’m very familiar where this is at home, but I’m in Beverly Hills, so I looked up the nearest library (note: Google Maps sucks in LA). So rather than walking to a regular public library, I ended up at the Margaret Herrick Library which is a beautiful library of the history of film. I hoped that the resource person could help me, and she does try but ultimately she cannot access the information I need. She suggests I go to a place call Book Soup on Sunset. So, I Uber over there and have a fascinating conversation with a driver who worked for 30 years as a lighting specialist. We chatted about movies such as the latest Tarantino film which he happens to be in a scene (though it might have ended up on the cutting room floor) and Harvey Weinstein and writing for movies and such.

I then go to Book Soup which is the bookstore in LA and a place everyone should go to. The lady at the counter helped me do the research needed and then pulled up some great books for me to consider. I had to support this wonderful institute so I came home with two great books to read (I hadn’t bought any because I was afraid, I would read rather than write).

So, after walking down to the Trader Joes to get a few groceries, it was time for the last Uber ride of the day and that’s when I met Jason the actor who is now a writer for Lifetime movies and we talked about the screenwriting process and then soap operas (he was up for the part of the recent baddie Shiloh on GH).

I would never have a day like this in Denver. So, my strategy was right. If you want to make something happen, you must go to the place where your dreams can come true. Oh, did I tell you I got a response to my first pitch to a literary agent? Fingers crossed!

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