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A Day with Monet

Today I got to spend time viewing the largest collection of Monet paintings ever assembled. And it’s in Denver! Our art museum is becoming world class which makes for happy days.

There was so much to learn about Monet that was wonderful, particular for those of us who can’t paint. He was obsessed with water and how to replicate nature in water. That’s what led him to create his beautiful gardens at Giverny (if you haven’t seen them, put this on your bucket list). When I saw the gardens it was during a rainstorm. I remember being mad about it and I now realize how lucky I was because seeing his water lilies with water falling on them was something Monet would love.

I saw all the places he painted and what drew him there. He loved the Netherlands because of the fields, water and light. He loved painting the Italian coast because of the richness of color in the foliage. He loved painting London because of the colors from the fog and coal covering the city. Most interesting was his fascination with snow and how to learn to paint it. He found this most difficult.

If you have the opportunity to visit this exhibition do it as you won’t forget your day with Monet.