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3 Things to Know for Your Sojourn in LA

Sadly, my three-week writing stay in LA has come to an end. I have so many happy moments and a few sad ones (those I will keep to myself). I thought that a lesson learned blog might to helpful to others who might want to take similar journey.

1. Have clear goals. My first goal was to see if I felt better living in SoCal. Check. I most definitely did. My second goal was to finish a draft of my book. I will be honest and say that I have 1.5 chapters to go. This leads to #2.

2. Have a contract with the person owning the place where you are staying. I found 3 places that I liked on VRBO/Airbnb. I lost the VRBO that was my first choice. I was staying 3 weeks and it’s best to use VRBO, but the lead time is much longer and there are fewer options. I would recommend looking 3 months in advance and know the area you want to be in. You can find places on Airbnb with a shorter lead time, but you need to read the reviews closely. My location was good but not near a grocery store. Also, I got suckered by pretty pictures. My place had lots of character but a kitchen and bathroom that is practically unusable is a no-go. And no light in the closet? The bathroom sink overflowed due to a leak and that caused a very bad day. Plus, there was construction that started on my last week causing me to be out of studio for days and interrupting my writing schedule. I was not compensated for that. I ended up changing my flight and leaving a day early.

For some reason when I was making the reservation for my place on Airbnb that reservation was cancelled. The owner could not give me a good explanation and we ended up paying him directly. I was nervous about that and was right to be. I had no rights for compensation for all the problems with the unit. So, I will tell you to make certain you have a contract and go for a unit that is updated as you will have the least problems. There is nothing you can do about a too hard sofa and too soft bed. That can only come out in reviews.

3. Pick an area with fun activities within walking distance. That’s what I did best and I have my daughter to thank. I stayed right on the edge of WeHo and Beverly Hills. I walked around a lot and got to know different areas of LA. I can see why everyone wants to live here. The people are nice, friendly and helpful, just like people in Colorado. It wasn’t until I got down to Melrose to shop at Real Real that I saw the pretentiousness that people speak of. By the way, it’s much better to shop in the up and coming 3rd Street area by the Grove.

Goodbye LA. I’ll look forward to coming again soon.

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