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1 Trendy Leather Vest, Worn 5 Different Ways

When I was out shopping at the beginning of the fall season, I came across a beautiful wine leather vest. I knew leather was a big trend and red wine (cabernet, merlot, etc.) was a trend color. As this item was only leather on one side, it made this an affordable addition to my wardrobe. I started putting together outfits based on this vest and was amazed at the versatility of this item.

1. Animal Turtleneck

In searching online, I came across this fun and sexy pink and black animal print turtleneck from Nordstrom. It was under $100. I paired it with my favorite jeans, pink socks, wine-colored flats, and rose gold hoops, all existing items from my wardrobe.

2. Wine Boots

I switched it up with a new pair of wine-colored boots for under $150 and a pair of green labradorite, ruby and pink quartz earrings I made.

3. Floral Blouse

During my online search I also came across a beautiful pink floral blouse with ruffled neckline and cuffs. I put it with my green pants, wine-colored shoes, pink socks, labradorite drop earrings, again all from my closet. The blouse was under $100.

4. Wine & Green

My next outfits was composed of the wine vest, my green pants and matching green silk blouse, a double-strand necklace of green labradorite stones and matching earrings and my brown leather heels, all existing items from my closet.

5. Missoni

This final outfit reflects the fun I had at the Target 20th Anniversary sale. It starts with a darling Missoni sweater perfect for early fall days. I added a short-sleeved yellow Polo shirt and the matching silk Missoni scarf (yellow isn’t a good color for me, so I put the scarf which is in my color palette next to my face). I added a pair of brown pants and wine shoes from my closet and finished it off with Native American earrings I got during a visit to Santa Fe. The expenditure was approx. $100. What a wonderful capsule!

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