About Karla

After a rough childhood, Karla was thrilled to get her first break in life following her college graduation in 1983. This required moving to a market where jobs were available, rather than remaining in a rust-belt city hard hit by Reganomics. Hired as coordinator at a start-up advertising & public relations agency, Karla learned everything she could about the company and the different roles she could play. Her apprenticeship was essential to creating a long-term, high-value career. Inspired by the good parts and troubled by the bad, Karla knew early on in her career that she wanted to offer more empowering opportunities to other women. She has spent the past 10+ years working with an organization dedicated to raising money for women’s education.

Always searching for the keys to unlock the doors to success, led Karla to the Valhalla of the technology industry. But the excitement of working in the Silicon Valley quickly deteriorated as she found that nothing was fair; it wasn’t really what you know but who you know and, regardless of their experience, women were second-class citizens. To change the course, Karla now mentors younger women to help them get to the top of the org chart without sacrificing their dignity.

Through all this Karla discovered that her professional weakness was being a good team player, a necessary attribute of successful people in most industries. She decided to combine working on this skill with her desire to work in public service and jumped into local government. Through working on committees and serving as an elected councilwoman, Karla gain the skill but sadly came away with a basic belief that we get the government we deserve.

So after this long often happy, often scary life journey, Karla has reached the point that she’s ready to create thought-provoking, action-oriented content for anyone who might choose to listen.

More About Karla

When Karla isn’t working on her blog, she is busy writing her first book about women climbing the ladder in Silicon Valley in the ‘90s. She also is a frequent speaker at organizations on topics such as “Creating Your Personal Brand,” “The Science of the Sexy” and “Finding Love in the Age of Technology.”

Karla has found her love of music again and performs regularly in Denver and Ft. Collins. She sings a variety of music and enjoys singing at weddings and is starting work on her first CD.

While Karla continues spending time styling and organizing women’s wardrobes she has found a new way of expressing her creativity by designing custom jewelry for friends or on consignment. She finds that any form of creativity keeps her in a positive frame of mind.


Karla generally writes using voice activation software as she has limited use of her hands.

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